Waiting for the Whales Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


This book is an excellent resource for a teacher, at any grade level, who is planning to use the orca as a basis for a theme of study.  The story reveals the bond between young and old and the cycles of life found in both human and orca worlds.  It can be used as a springboard to various research activities.  The teacher’s guide includes various integrated strategies and activities pertaining to pre-reading, reading, vocabulary development, writing, grammar, art, and cooking.

Grades 2-5


D N Wilson

Pacific Edge Publishing

46 pp, softcover, blackline masters

Level: Grades 2-5


Waiting for the Whales is a story about a man who lives a quiet and orderly life close to the ocean’s edge. Unexpectedly, his daughter arrives with her infant girl. He learns to share his life, his knowledge of the sea and himself with his growing granddaughter. The story reveals the bond between young and old and the cycles of life found in both human and orca worlds.



This book could be used as an integral part of a thematic unit on the study of orcas. The book would also be a valuable addition to a seashore unit or as an extension to a theme about “Family.” Cycles of living things and the inter-connectedness of all beings can be explored as well.


Table of Contents



– Think Pair and Share
– Pre-Test
– People Search
– Museum Collection
– Musk-Ox Circles
– Anticipation Guide
– The What Chart

– Making Predictions
– Response Journals
– Carousel Brainstorming Invisible Ink Reading
– Overhead Reading
– Listening Centre
– Fluency Reading Chart

Vocabulary Development
– Word Search
– Book Bingo
– O.K. Word Chains
– Synonym Strips
– Compare/ Contrast Chart
– Which Word Fits?
– Vocabulary Shapes

Writer’s Corner
– Pattern Writing
– Character Study
– Character T
– Story Wheel
– Facts, Lies and Questions
– Positive, Negative, Interesting Haiku
– Story Pyramid
– Just the Facts
– What’s Your Opinion?
– Facts and Opinions Interviews
– Flip -up Booklet

– Sentences
– Unscramble and Fix Me Nouns

– Posters
– Bulletin Board


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