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Canada – Provinces and Territories Activity Sheet


Learn more about Canada with this labelled map showing provinces and territories.

Grades: 2-8

Canada – Time Zones Activity Sheet


Learn about Canada’s time zones with this activity sheet.

Grades: 3-5

Canada in North America Activity Sheet


An activity sheet for learning about Canada’s national borders.

Grades: 3-8

Cariboo Runaway


Cariboo Runaway introduces children to the BC goldrush days and provides teachers and parents with an excellent language-based Social Studies resource for grade 4-5 students.

Cariboo Runaway: Teacher’s Guide


This comprehensive guide for Cariboo Runaway is available for teachers who wish to use the book as a language-based social studies resource. It addresses the Learning Standards for the grade 4/5 Social Studies curriculum.

Continents and Oceans Activity Sheet


A labelled map and questions for learning about the world’s continents and oceans.

Grades: 2-5

De Temps Immemorial


From Time Immemorial provides an honest and up-to-date survey of the history of the coastal First Nations from pre-contact to the present. From Time Immemorial meets or exceeds all of the Learning Standards for the new BC Grade 3 Social Studies curriculum and the First Nations content for grades 4-8.

Grades 3-8

Endangered Animals Worksheet


Endangered Animals – a worksheet to record endangered animals facts.

Grades: 3-6

Endangered Animals: An Environmental Studies Unit for Primary Classrooms


Endangered Animals is an environmental studies unit based on four children’s books by Canadian author Victoira Miles. Each book gives a glimpse into the daily life of a baby animal – the sea otter pup, the spotted owlet, the bald eaglet, and the cougar kitten.  This 94-page unit includes everything a teacher will need to teach an endangered animals unit, including activities to introduce students to the theme, detailed lesson plans for each of the student books, activities integrating the unit across the curriculum, assessment strategies and tools, and reproducible blackline masters.

Grades: 3-6

Family Tree Activity Sheet


Family Tree – activity sheet for plotting a student’s family tree.

Grades: 4-7

Feelings Worksheet


Feelings – examining the feelings of a character in a story.

Grades 3-6

Foster Care Resource Guide


A much-needed manual designed to assist teachers and other adults interacting with children who are in foster care.

Grades K-12